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no toy gets left behind

Welcome to toystory3! We've made this community to keep all the news about Pixar's newest movie Toy Story 3 in one place on Livejournal. Feel free to post any info or goodies you have for your fellow fans.


1. All posts must be relevant to Toy Story or Pixar. (Yes, fanworks such as fic, art, graphics, etc. are allowed!)

2. Spoilers should be put inside an lj-cut (<*lj-cut*>SPOILERS <*/lj-cut*> without the asterisks), or whitetexted (<*font color=white*>SPOILERS<*/font*>. Preferably both, just to be on the safe side.

3. Large pictures should also be put inside an lj-cut.

4. Tag your posts, please!



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