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30 December 2010 @ 12:17 pm
Disney Uberland  
I hope this is okay, and I apologize if you see this more than once today.

disney_uberland | Application Page | Previous Challenges

Disney Uberland is a challenge community where you join one of three teams and compete in various contests and challenges to earn points for your team. The winner is the team with the highest number of points when the round ends.

The home for the masterpieces of Pixar (including Toy Story 3), as well as other Disney CG animated films and all heroic Disney characters, is Team WALL-E.

The other two teams are Team Ariel (princesses, heroines, traditional animation) and Team Sharpay (villains, live-action, and Disney Channel). You can apply for a team here.

We've recently reworked the community, and the new round is starting this Sunday January 2nd. If you're interested, we'd love to see you there! :)

(Note: This community is similar to disneyverse, but there are differences. Disneyverse focuses on Disney animated films, while Disney Uberland allows ANYTHING Disney-related including live-action films, Disney Channel properties, and video games such as Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey. There is also more focus on fic and fanworks, while Disneyverse has a more graphics bend. Also, Disney Uberland does not have an activity requirement.)